June 15, 2019
 With Purpose - What happy folks have in common; Asparagus Tips - Learn from Robert Morris when to end harvesting; Horsemanship Training Demo, Fratello Marionettes, and 4th of July info; Homemade Strawberry Shortcake recipe
June 1, 2019
 Free Flicks - Throughout the summer, some Las Vegas locations have free movies; Finland Finds a Way - Ending homelessness issues one home at a time; Improve Your Brain - Ways to engage the brain for better focus; Berry Beet Salad recipe
May 15, 2019
 Peace at the Park - The new splash pad at the park, bike and walking trail; Robert's Rosemary - Having issues with your rosemary? Tips from Robert Morris on transplanting; Super Superstitions - Odd beliefs of John Wayne, Charles Dickens, and Diane von Fusternberg; Blueberry No-Churn Ice Cream recipe
May 1, 2019
 Reading for a Ride - Showing a copy of a book can get you a ride on the train; What's Happening? - Sailplane pilots are back, Grand Opening of Goodsprings Trail, Grand Re-Opening of Peace Park; Ideas for Mom - Mother's Day thoughts for the family; Baked Pineapple Salmon recipe
April 15, 2019
 Roses and Sunlight - Some gardening tips by Robert Morris; Fridge Facts - Surprising things that should and should not go in the refrigerator; Updates and Info - Water Warriors news, library fine forgiveness, jackets left at school; Chili Cook-Off coming up; Greek Salad Nachos recipe
April 1, 2019
 Doctor's Orders - Advice given to play, get out in nature, go to museums, bake, dance and draw; Places to Go - Fun things to do in Las Vegas; Cinnamon Whiskey Pecan Pie recipe
March 15, 2019
 Innovative Answers - Interesting ways to combat loneliness; When to Plant - Timing for tomato and pepper plants; Mind Over Matter - Do vision boards and visualization really work? Pet Awareness Fair coming; Crock Pot Corned Beef & Cabbage recipe
March 1, 2019
 That's Just Ducky! - How China, Japan, Iran and France use ducks instead of pesticides; Eat for Your Life - Changes we should think about with the ways scientists say we should eat; What's Goin' On? - Events in Sandy Valley and Goodsprings; Grasshopper Bars recipe
February 15, 2019
 Your Healthiest Life - Make peace with the foods you should eat; Freezing Foliage - Advice from gardener, Robert Morris; Sing It, Baby! - reasons to belt it out, even if you don't sing well; Zucchini Ravioli recipe
February 1, 2019
 Valuable Lessons - Father Gregory Boyle talks about how everything of value he learned from gang members; De-Stressing Tips - how to calm yourself when life gets hectic; Lemon Chicken Soup with Orzo recipe
January 15, 2019
 Planting story on the Santa Rosa Plum; Nature's Antibiotics from apothecaries long ago; Volunteer Fire Department fundraiser; Perfect Pad Thai recipe
January 1, 2019
 Resolve to Hydrate: Check out symptoms you may not know are connected to dehydration; Still Operating: The General Store will remain open.. yay!; Five Plants for Better Sleep; A New Year Poem; Turkey-Porcini Tetrazzini recipe
December 15, 2018
 Dear Parents: A letter from a teacher about Christmas; Our Lady of Guadalupe celebration; When to cut back your grapes; Remember our upcoming events, especially Christmas Cafe where Santa will see the kids; Dark Chocolate Fudge recipe
November 15, 2018
 Annual thank you dinner hosted by Sandy Valley Community Church; Sandy Valley Senior Center has new hours; Congratulations: Listing of the winning candidates in our area; Fruit tree pruning advice by Robert Morris; Banana Eggnog recipe
November 1, 2018
 Need a ride to go vote? The Silver Rider will be available to pick you up at specified times in Sandy Valley and Goodsprings; Veteran's Day deals in and around Las Vegas; It's still exercise when you're doing simple chores; Goodbye to Micheal Don Van Ausdal; Pantry Pasta recipe
October 15, 2018
 Give to Live: a short story; The Blessing of the Animals celebration, thanks to St. Catherine of Siena Holy Catholic Church; the most effective nutritional supplement in existence: turmeric; Ginger & Turmeric Carrot Soup recipe
October 1, 2018
 Changes happening at Peace Park; Blessing of the Animals on Sunday, the 7th; Healthier Kids: some things to try for more cooperation at mealtime; Carol Stew recipe
September 15, 2018
 New days for trash pick up - AND the new phone books are here; Caring for Mormon Apricot trees; Farewell to Art Lynch; Pineapple Cucumber Salad recipe
September 1, 2018
 Looking for work? Job-seekers who are 50+ can attend a free workshop produced by AARP; Check out the latest events happening in Sandy Valley; Self-reflection and introspection; How long should we keep our pantry items? On-the-Go Lunches
August 15, 2018
 Wellness Advice: How focused, mindful breathing can relieve stress, increase stamina, and assist in weight loss; Thank you to Valley Electric; Why do you live in Sandy Valley - a few comments from our neighbors; Some National Days; Save the date for the Health & Happiness Expo on Saturday, October 13th; Zucchini Noodles with Avocado Pesto Shrimp recipe
August 15, 2018
 Wellness Advice: How focused, mindful breathing can relieve stress, increase stamina, and assist in weight loss; Thank you to Valley Electric; Why do you live in Sandy Valley - a few comments from our neighbors; Some National Days; Save the date for the Health & Happiness Expo on Saturday, October 13th; Zucchini Noodles with Avocado Pesto Shrimp recipe
August 1, 2018
 Make it a point to visit Portnoy Gallery in Las Vegas; Roadie's Report: What people are saying about Happenings; Read about Franklin, and how he changed the world for many; Impossible Pie recipe
August 1, 2018
 Make it a point to visit Portnoy Gallery in Las Vegas; Roadie's Report: What people are saying about Happenings; Read about Franklin, and how he changed the world for many; Impossible Pie recipe
July 15, 2018
 They're Just Visiting - June bugs, once they get to the adult stage, are only here a few weeks; Staying Hydrated - Not all liquids are created equal when it comes to getting fluids into your system; Give Something Away Day - July 15th is for donating your time or money; Banana-Pineapple Cream Pie recipe
July 15, 2018
 They're Just Visiting - June bugs, once they get to the adult stage, are only here a few weeks; Staying Hydrated - Not all liquids are created equal when it comes to getting fluids into your system; Give Something Away Day - July 15th is for donating your time or money; Banana-Pineapple Cream Pie recipe
July 1, 2018
 New Restaurant - The Cluck-N-Moo is open! What's a Kid to Do? Beyond the holiday, there's boxing, ballet, and dummy-roping; Future Films - Lots of projects are coming out to the Valley, many of which are student films; The Action Hero - A story of perseverance; Cheeseburger Dinner Omelet recipe
June 15, 2018
 Community Happenings - Upcoming Movie Night, Pancake Breakfast and Clothing Giveaway; Food Re-Pairing - an article about combining foods differently for better digestion and nutrition; Volunteer Vault - Want to help behind the scenes? Let us know; The Votes are In - Tells which two of the five candidates for Goodsprings Township Justice of the Peace will continue on; Spaghetti Salad recipe
June 1, 2018
 In the Community - 1 year anniversary of SV Counseling Center celebration at Peace Park on June 1st; Plumbing Apprentice - a career in plumbing could be yours; Time to Vote! - Early voting is now; regular voting at SV School from 7am to 7pm; Farewell to Frank - Mr. Frank Chin died peacefully on May 16th; Chinese Chicken Salad recipe
May 15, 2018
 Top-Shelf Tomatoes - tips and tricks by Robert Morris; Looking for Work? - job fair in Sandy Valley; Vet Visit - Doc coming out to visit your ranch; True Trailblazer - story about perseverance and determination; Banana Bread with Honey and Applesauce recipe
May 1, 2018
 Old-Timer's Reunion - Goodsprings Historical Society 36th annual event; Costly Courtesy - Beware of referring friends and neighbors for jobs which are supposed to be licensed; REST - Respite, Education, and Support Tools offering a free two-day training; Pan-Seared Salmon with Kale & Apple Salad recipe
April 15, 2018
 What's Happening? - Vet Clinic, Coffee & Donuts, Adult Crafts, Community Swap Meet, Pancake Breakfast; Mid-August is Best - Mulch info by gardening pro, Robert Morris; What Not to Eat - Foods you may not know you shouldn't feed your dog; Super Salads
April 1, 2018
 Happy Easter; Vet Clinic on April 15th; Looking for Work - 850 plus jobs available; Daytime or Night? - Drip irrigation advice by gardening expert, Robert Morris; Veggies & Ramen Noodle Bowl recipe
March 15, 2018
 Easter in the Park - On April Fool's Day, of all days, Sunday Fun-Day at Peace Park for the kids; Goodbye to a Long-Time Resident - Gerald Radford passed away; More Friendly Q & A; Dirt is Not Dirty - Microbes absorbed from dirt is how kids build their immunities; No-Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies recipe
March 1, 2018
 Proper Documentation? Brand Inspector reports on Clark County laws regarding transporting livestock; Valley Electric's Annual Meeting; Some Friendly Q & A - People questions for the five Justice of the Peace candidates; Some Benefits of Senior Citizenship - What might you be missing out on? Stuffed Avocados recipe
February 15, 2018
 SV Post Office Closed for Remodel; Natural Solutions - doTerra oils informational seminars on wellness; Magic Bank Account - The prize you receive every day; Random Acts of Kindness Day - Catch someone YOU know in the act of doing something good; Peanut Butter & Pumpkin Dog Treats recipe
February 1, 2018
 Inventors and Their Genius - Thanks to inventors we have elevators, well-lit rooms, and pump dispensers; Creative Ideas for Your Valentine - it doesn't take a lot of money to show your love; Strawberries in the Desert? Robert Morris tells us how to amend our soil to grow this fantastic little fruit; Salmon Cat Treats recipe
January 15, 2018
 Growing Up on the Road - The Jackson Family Band aka Mama's Wranglers from Henderson, NV tell their story; Balloon Fest will be on Saturday, February 3rd along with a blood drive; When Life Gives You Lemons - compounds found in lemons are quite beneficial; Big Soft Ginger Cookies recipe
January 1, 2018
 Happy New Year! Be a Hero with the United Blood Bank; Roadie's Report - Christmas Cafe was lovely; Learn more about coffee grounds to amend your soil; Stick to Your Guns - Story with a moral; Chicken Parmesan with Artichoke Hearts recipe
December 15, 2017
 Many Thanks! - A fun run with Keystone while it lasted; Drawing Conclusions - The evolution of a young cartoonist; Early to Rise? Crafting a great morning routine could be key in feeling in control of your day; Slow Cooker Beef Stew recipe
December 1, 2017
 National Day of the Horse - December 13th is the day to thank horses for all they do ; Caring for a Community Kitty - special program to spay and neuter your adopted stray for free; The Obstacle in Our Path - short story about different ways of thinking; Healthy Zucchini Bread recipe
November 15, 2017
 Speed Run in Our Backyard - Supercar hits a speed record of 277.9 miles per hour on Route 160; Almost a Fast.. Not a Feast - Settlers normally gave thanks by praying and abstaining from food; Save the Date! Ranch Sorting happening at BJC Arena in beautiful, downtown Sandy Valley; Easy Cherry Pie recipe
November 1, 2017
 Is Coffee Good For Us? Ways caffeine can help and hinder; Sandy Valley Chosen by St. Jude's - We have been chosen as the Rural Community Project for St. Jude's over all other rural communities in the vicinity! Spinach Lentil Soup recipe
October 15, 2017
 The Winners! Fall Festival winners of the Gems & Junkers Car Show; National Cat Day - October 29th is the day to recognize cats; Dreaming of a Better Night's Sleep? Ways to help you get more rest; Pumpkin & Cauliflower Casserole recipe
October 1, 2017
 Taco Night.. Yum! Come to the Senior Center for some tasty tacos; Lost and Found - A little lesson in letting go of resources; 3 Myths About Back Pain - Some advice from Gerber Chiropractic; Spaghetti with Kale Pesto & Meatballs recipe
September 15, 2017
 Annual Fall Festival - Gems & Junkers Car Show was great fun! Home Sweet Home - dogs were missing, but now they're home; Wow! One Year is Here Already? The one-year anniversary of Happenings! Avocado Hummus Taquitos recipe
September 1, 2017
 Congratulations on Retiring - Surprise party pulled off for local SV man; Sandy Valley Resident Honored - Dick Clark, longtime Sandy Valley resident, was presented with The Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award by the FFA for 70 Years of Accident-Free Flying; Grass Clippings Are No Treat for Horses; Low-Fat Granola Bars recipe
August 15, 2017
 The Power of Fight - Brain cancer survivor, Danny Efron, will present at he Health & Happiness Expo; Miraculous Monday - View the eclipse in Sandy Valley at 9:09am; Goodbye to Billy - Billy Shannon died unexpectedly; No-Bake Pumpkin Pie recipe
August 1, 2017
 Mosquitoes - An Annoyance and Threat - How you can protect your horses; Blood is Needed! Donate blood in Las Vegas or at the upcoming Health & Happiness Expo on August 19th; Support SV School - They're always in need of extra supplies; Pineapple Chicken Stir-Fry recipe
July 15, 2017
 Farmer's Market - Not Just for Seniors; Grow and Give - Treating your plants and trees as children; National What? National Ice Cream Day is July 16th.. have a scoop today! Carrot Soup with Ginger & Lemon recipe
July 1, 2017
 Fun for All on the Fourth! Don't miss the parade and festivities at Peace Park; New Adventures at the Library - Marionettes, magic and storytellers are coming to Sandy Valley Library this summer; Caught in the Act - People cleaning up alongside the road, we thank you; Handling the Heat - Things to think about during these hot summer days; Fruit Salad with Pudding recipe
June 15, 2017
 Demonstration Night - 4-H kids show their presentation skills while demonstrating useful items; Fun, Friends & Food - 3rd Thursday Movie Night, Game Night, and All-You-Can-Eat Spaghetti right here in Sandy Valley; Grilled Peach Cobbler recipe
June 1, 2017
 High Desert International Film Festival; Just a Hop-Skip - Interesting history at the Pioneer Saloon in neighboring Goodsprings; Celebration of Life for Natalie Vale; Food with Super Powers? Sauerkraut Woman and Artichoke Boy strike against free radicals and more! Pineapple Fried Rice with Shrimp recipe
May 15, 2017
 A Heartfelt Thanks - Miss Kay at the Sandy Valley Post Office is always helpful and kind; A Word on Water - Watch out for great deals on bottled water.. a lot of them contain salts that make you thirstier! For the Love of Mom - Mother's Day story; Cornmeal Crusted Chicken Nuggets recipe
May 1, 2017
 A Mother's Day Letter - A Mother's appreciation for her family in a letter; They Want Your Blood - Sandy Valley High School is hosting a blood drive on Wednesday, May 3rd; Oh, to Soar! The Sail Plane event was loads of fun at the Sod Farm; Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bites recipe
April 15, 2017
 A Stomping Good Time - Spring Fling "wildly successful" event; Egg Hunt/BBQ Dinner - Little Britches put the fun in fundraising; Easter at Peace Park; 10 Great Books Recommended by and For Young People; Strawberry Salad recipe
April 1, 2017
 Going to the Dogs - MP K9 - The Dog Training Center is Vegas' only indoor protection and training center; Is it a Bird? A Plane? F3J in the Desert is coming to Sandy Valley.. radio-controlled model sailplane contest; Senior Center Goes the Eggstra Mile - Scrambled eggs are now available at the monthly Pancake Breakfast; Cauliflower "Bread" recipe
March 15, 2017
 Hemp Vehicles - Originally, Rudolf Diesel wanted his diesel engine to run off vegetable and seed oils; Get Your Tickets! Mama's Wranglers are performing on April 2nd.. Vittles and a Show; A Heart of Gold - A tribute from daughter to her mother; Healthier Stuffed Shells recipe
March 1, 2017
 They're Here.. Mosquitoes - How to give your horses some relief; Get a Jump Start on Heart Health - Strengthen your heart, muscles, and bones with some added activity; For the Love of Country - Respecting Old Glory through proper retirement on Flag Day; Crustless Mini Quiche Breakfast Muffins recipe
February 15, 2017
 Amargosa Opera House: Life Celebration of Marta Becket; All in a Day's Work - Giving relief from sciatic pains; Creative Routines - Get up from your computer and move around every couple hours for more productivity; Lemon Herb Chicken Primavera recipe
February 1, 2017
 Save the Date! Spring Fling is coming.. fun, food and friends; Trees Toxic to Horses.. Really? Watch out for certain trees and shrubs that may prove to make your horse ill; Groundhog Day - How it began; Cherry Cheesecake Dip recipe
January 15, 2017
 Happenings in Print! Beginning the first of next month, Happenings will be in print version! 169 Years Ago - Discovery of gold in Coloma, California; Sandy Valley Christmas Ornament Decorating Contest; Fiesta 7-Layer Dip recipe
January 1, 2017
 Pastimes of the Past - What the heck did kids do before electronics? The Most Stolen Social Security Number; First Flight - The 1783 modern marvel of a hot air balloon; Fabulous Corn Chili recipe
December 15, 2016
 Amazing Dancers and Feast - Fabulous time had by all at the Our Lady of Guadalupe celebration; Consider This.. Interesting look at statistics if the world were shrunk to 100 people; Festivities for All - Christmas Cafe coming to Sandy Valley Ranch; Old-Fashioned Gingerbread recipe
December 1, 2016
 Complete Feeds for Horses; The Commute - Things to bring, work on, think about on the hour plus commute; Antipasto Wreath recipe
November 15, 2016
 A Thank You Thanksgiving Dinner - Free to the community! Just Drop it Here - New restrooms were dropped into place by a crane at Peace Park; Appreciation - Saying thank you to someone for even the little things can make such a difference; Thanksgiving Leftover Casserole recipe
November 1, 2016
 The Absence of Words - Descriptive words when you're at a loss for them; Recycling - New containers for trash and recycling are coming to your home.. here are things you can and cannot recycle; An Ode to Joy - Long time resident passes away; Easy Pumpkin Dessert recipe
October 15, 2016
 Another Choice - One event cancels, another still happening.. Jackpot Barrel Race and Play Day at BJC Arena; Sandy Valley Water Feature and Other News; It's the Law - Keeping your animals safe is priority, and here are some of the laws that say you have to; Shop to Benefit Others - Smile Amazon helps you donate to your favorite charities; Nearly Famous Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe
October 1, 2016
 Rising Above It - What you can do when things seem to be falling apart around you; Electricity Outage - Power pole was struck by a vehicle causing an outage for Valley Electric customers; A Thank You to the Community - Thanks to all who attended the Volunteer Fire Department fundraiser at George Odell's hangar; Valley Electric News - Possibly selling their transmission system
September 15, 2016
 New Paper In Town - Introducing Happenings; World Peace Day - September 21st is the day to promote peace worldwide; A Business is Born - 25 years in business as a custom crossword and word search puzzlewriter